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World General Knowledge

General Knowledge Questions and answers
1. What does `The Cherry Orchard' have in common with old editions of `Startrek'?
2. In Australia, how is the date of Mothers' Day calculated?
3. Which President of the USSR encouraged the policy of Glassnost?.
4. What was built by inmates taken from Changi Prison Camp?
5. What is the world's largest desert?
6. Nino Culotto was his pen-name. What was his REAL name?
7. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
8. Who wrote `The Entertainer', music made famous by the film,`The Sting'?
9. In Greek legend, what was eaten on the island of Jerba?
10. What was the name of Ulysses' son, who grew to manhood in his absence?

11. Which Knight caused the death of the Lady of Shallott?
12. What monument occupies centre stage in
Trafalgar Square?
13. Which book catapulted Germaine Greer to fame?
14. What was the classical standard language of ancient India?
15. Who directed and starred in films such as `The little Tramp'?
16. Name the three types of classical architectural column.
17. Who was Doctor Zhivago's great love?
18. Name the commoner who ruled England in 1658-59.
19. Which ghost ship is the theme of an 1841 opera by Richard Wagner?
20. What career did the Duke of Wellington pursue after the Battle of Waterloo?
21. Which popular hymn was composed by Sir Arthur Sullivan of Opera Fame?
22. What is the literal meaning of `pince-nez'. glasses?
23. Beneath which Paris monument is the tomb of France's unknown soldier?
24. What type of puppets are t hose whose movements are controlled by strings?
25. Which drug is best known for its use in preventing malaria?
26. Identify the 15th century British war fought by the Houses of Lancaster and YorkBR>
27. Which sea is so named because it is too salty to maintain life
28. What is the most indispensable instrument in astronomy?
29. Which literary doctor owns a parrot called `Polynesia'?
30. Name the Australian singer whose first hit, in the 1960s, was `I Remember You'.
`Four On The Floor' pertain?
31. What is Sydney's equivalent to San Francisco's `Bay To Breakers' footrace'?
32. Which independent island is Australia's nearest neighbour to the west?
33. At the end of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet', which of the principals are dead?
34. Name two fictional or historical characters who fought with quarterstaffs on a log bridge ?
35. What is the name of Greg Norman's business?
36. Name a state of U.S.A. beginning with `B'.
37. Whom did Yoko Ono marry only to lose to an assassin?
38. Wo dubbed Australia `The Lucky Country' in one of his novels?
39. Which biblical event supports the superstition that 13 is an unlucky number?
40. How much was 240 pence in predecimal currency
41. Which comic- strip drake is a multi-billionaire?
42. What was the first event decided at the 1896 Olympics?
43. Which is the only continent occupied by one nation?
44. What inspired the convex golden disc as the Order of Australia ?
45. Which 1980 song hit was writen by Joe Dolce, an Italian migrant?
46. What is God called by the Islamic or Muslim faith?
47. Which radiation belt around the earth was named after an American physicist?
48. What is significant about a score of 4137 points in billiards?
49. Who was the famous Nez Perce Indian chief?
50. Which Slim Dusty 'hotel' song is Australia's only gold 78 record?
51. After Carruthers, Rose and Famechon, who was Australia's fourth world boxing champion?
52. What is an ocarina whose size and shape resembles a goose egg?
53. In which American city was the world's first skyscraper built in 1885?
54. What is the Christian name of Webster, who published a dictionary still used today ?
55. Outside of the Presidency, what is the highest American political office?
56. Name the only boxer to knock out Mohammed Ali
57. Which Australian state is host to the town of Gundagai?
58. On what date to Americans celebrate their Independence Day?
59. Who starred in the film version of To Kill A Mockingbird?
60. Which modern language gives us the term finito ?
61. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
62. Which Australian city will host the 2001 Goodwill Games?
63. The prefix gastro refers to which bodily organ?
64. If you are celebrating your Diamond Anniversary, how many years have you been married ?
65. Boxers often suffer from a condition in which their ears are misshapen..what is this called?
66. Who wrote the famous poem Daffodils?
67. In what decade of this century was it decided US Presidents would be restricted to two terms?
68. What was the given name of Stalin's daughter who defected to the US in 1967?
69. Name the South African surgeon who carried out the first heart transplant operation.
70. The revolutionary newspaper, Pravda was first published in 1912...but WHERE?
71. What the the first ship to reach Titanic after the disaster?
72. Where in the US did the dance , the Charleston originate?
73. Which American author wrote the novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
74. Who piloted the US aircraft shot down byt he USSR in 1960 ?
75. Where were the 1960 Summer Olympics held?
76. In what year was the Rainbow Warrior sunk in New Zealand waters?
77. Who became the first Overlord Of England and Wales?
78. Which animal is likely to suffer from the disease, heaves ?
79. Who wrote The Happy Prince?
80. For what sport is a harrier bred??
81. Where in Australia is Palm Valley ?
82. What breed of farm animal is a Polwarth?
83. Who named Manly Cove , situated in Sydney Harbour?
84. Name the main ore of iron.
85. What is the study of heredity called?
86. Rose Hill was the original name of Australia's second settlement ...what is it called now??
87. What term is used to describe fertile land being 'rested' for a season?
88. Who is the patron saint of children ?
89. Who did Amin overthrow in 1971?
90. What ancient unit of measurement is suppposedly the distance from the elbow to the tip of the index finger?
91. Which was the second James Bond novel to be made into a movie?
92. Can you name the only two countries to have declared independence from Britain?
93. What is the official language of Egypt?
94. On which continent is Vincon Massif the highest peak?
95. Do polar bears eat penguins?
96. In which country would you find Tabasco?
97. What is the more common name for the tympanic membrane ?
98. Name the street that is home to British journalism.
99. What was H.G. Wells' first novel?
100. Which Australian city was host to the nations's first steam train.and its first electric train?
101. What is the best-known university in Paris?
102. What is the birthstone for September?
103. Where did John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvery Oswald and Jack Ruby all die?
104. What is the last book of the Bible?
105. Which movie's last line is " After all, tomorrow is another day"?
106. In Disney comics, who are Daisy Duck's three nieces?
107. At which Melbourne hotel did the Beatles stay in 1964 ?
108. Who was the first New Australian to become, in 1961, Miss Australia?
109. Which edifice stands on the banks of the River Jumna, at Agra?
110. What does one call ornamental work in silver or gold thread?
111. Which Norse god had, as handmaidens, the Valkyrie?
112. Which British Battleship was sunk, in 1941, by The Bismark?
113. What is the alternative name for a beekeeper?
114. Which 1975 Dickens drama was planned as a musical but screened without any songs ?
115. Which British novel was the subject of "Sailor"?
116. How many books comprise the Old and the New Testaments?
117. At what angle above the horizon must the sun be to create a rainbow?
118. Which song is based on California's 1849 gold rush?
119. What is the only crime for which church sanctuary is not available?
120. What was the full name of Brutus, one of Caesar's murderers?
121. What was the American codename for the development of the atom bomb?
122. Which western law enfromcement agency's motto was , "One riot-One Ranger?"
123. What is the Hebrew name of Calvary, where Christ was crucified ?
124. Which number on a roulette wheel is coloured green?
125. How many cannons are involved in a Royal Salute
126. What type of Moscow institution is GUM?
127. Which island is 50 times larger tha its mother country, Denmark?
128. Who was the first white man to climb Mt Kosciusko?
129. Name Australia's first "Girlie" magazine, launched in 1936
130. What name is given to the Pope's pontificial ring?
131. What ingredient did Cap O' Rushes order omitted from the wedding meats?
132. Who are the traditional inhabitants of Dovrafell?"
133. What was the name of Childe Rowland's sister, whom he rescued ?
134. Which witch travelled in a mortar which she drove along with a pestle?
135. Who caught Tommy Grimes?
136. What was it that Princess Margaret was changed into by her wicked stepmother, the Witch-Queen of Bamborough Castle?
137. Who fought the Queen of the Fairies for Tamlane, her love..and won??
138. Which fiend terrorized the Hall of Hrothgar?
139. And who freed Hrothgar's Hall of this menace?BR>
140. What was kept in Iduna's magic casket?
141. What was the name of the first patented contraceptive pill ?
142. What name is given, collectively, to the first five books of the Old Testament?"
143. In what year did Japan bomb Pearl Harbour ?
144. Ulan Bator is the capital of which nation?
145. What unit of heat is required to raise 1 gm of water by one degree Celsius?
146. Which airline owned the jet that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988?
147. What number did Michael Jordan make famous during his career with the Chicago Bulls??
148. Which floor covering is constructed by covering hessian or canvas with linseed oil, powdered cork and rosin?
149. In which American state would you find the city of Phoenix?
150. How many sides does a RHOMBUS have?
151. Which American state has its capital Harrisburg?
152. Which six letter word describes the number of members of a body required to be present to conduct business legally ?
153. Which company that developed the pentium processor for computers?
154. What name was given to the rockets used to launch the Apollo space missions?
155. Until the end of the 20th Century, what was the most popular name adopted by the popes?
156. In which year did Pope Benedict XV declare Joan of Arc a saint?
157. The mummies of Egyptian Pharaohs were often buried in what type of transport, believed to assist them to travel to the next world?
158. How many films did Charles Chaplin make during his 53-year carer, from 1914 to 1967?
159. Which band had a hit with the song ,California Dreamin'?
160. What name is given to the star that appears on the flag of Israel?
161. Which amusement park opened in Anaheim, California, on July 18th., 1955 ?
162. Name the wife of the Phillipines dictator, Ferdinand Marcos
163. K is the chemical symbol for what?
164. On what date is Australia Day celebrated?
165. Who wrote the play, "The Mousetrap"?
166. How old was Boris Becker when he won his first Wimbledon Singles title?
167. How many Spice Girls were there in 1997?
168. Who played the title role in the film "Gandhi"?
169. In the nursery rhyme, what do we ask Mary, mary, Quite contrary?
170. In what country would you find the Grand Prix circuit known as Silverstone?
171. Which American President was assassinated by Leon Czolgosz ?
172. Complete the proverb No kitchen is big enough to hold...
173. Who developed Meccano?
174. To which people did Delilah pass soon the secret of Samson's strength?
175. Who wrote the shortest of the gospels?
176. Complete this proverb: The end justifies .........
177. Who said: "A crank is a man with a new idea--until it catches on"?
178. Who wrote the song, Imagine?
179. Name the first woman in space
180. Who was convicted of shooting and killing John F Kennedy?
181. In which country did the Volkswagon originate ?
182. "The Sound Of Music" is set in which European country....
183. Which planet has the longest year?
184. In Earth terms , how long is that year?
185. What is the highest mountain in New Zealand?
186. What is the 12th letter of the English alphabet
187. Who teamed up with Neil Diamond to perfom the hit song, "You Don't Send Me Flowers"?
188. 1974 saw Portugal involved in a revolution which became known by which floral name??
189. What term is used to describe the wool cut from around a sheep's eyes?
190. What type of creature is a beagle?

191. In which Asian nation would you find the state of Punjab?
192. What is the wellknown French word for "pen"?
193. Ra is the chemical symbol for which element?
194. What five-letter word, beginning with q, is used to describe a lock or curl of hair on the forehead?
195. How many metres make a kilometre?
196. Who was the great Spanish Painter whose first name was Pablo?
197. Who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain?
198. Which 1970s band had a hit with "Mama Mia"?
199. In which year did Fred Astair die?
200. Which river did Johann Strauss describe as "blue"?

201. For what crime is Vincent Perrugia best remembered?
202. Which Florentine woman was mother to 3 kings of France, and wife to another?
203. Who was the 3rd man on the moon?
204. Who designed Queen Elizabeth II's wedding dress?
205. What was the name of Homer Simpson's Bowling team?
206. Which 1970's hit movie was based on a poem by James Dickey?
207. Which famous musician & singer was born McKinley Morganfield?
208. Who was the last person to be executed in the Tower of London?
209. In what film would you have seen a sword fight on the Cliffs of Insanity?
210. What is the world's largest bird of prey?

211. Sir Mark Oliphant was once Premier of which Australian State?
212. Near which Israeli city would you find the Mount Of Olives?
213. What colour are the towers of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge?
214. What is the sixth letter of hte English alphabet?
215. How many years of marraige are celebrated by a Golden Wedding Anniversary?
216. How many dwarves lived in the house discovered by Snow White?
217. By what short name were the Secret State Police of Nazi Germany known?
218. Musican Bo Didley is famous for playing which instrument?
219. Which acress began life as Doris Kapellhoff?
220. What name is given to the punctuation mark with a dot directly above a comma?

221. What country produces Rioja wines?
222. Who was the favourite daughter of Shakespeare's King Lear?
223. Which Australkian city includes the suburbs of Cottesloe and Subiaco?
224. Who discovered Oxygen in 1774?
225. Name the author of A Town Like Alice
226. How many Earth years does it take Pluto to orbit the sun?
227. What name is given to the central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds?
228. What letter appears to the right of Y on a keyboard?
229. What is it that makes soda water fizz?
230. What disease is the Sabin Vaccine used to prevent?

231. Name the actor grandfathr of Drew Barrymore.
232. Who is the female host of the television show, Better Homes and Gardens?
233. Which comedian once said, "A well-balanced person has a drink in each hand"?
234. Complete this proverb: A growing youth has a ......?
235. What are the three given names of author JRR Tolkein?
236. Who portrayed Kevin Arnold in the television series, The Wonder Years?
237. With whom did Barbra Streisand team to release the hit song, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"?
238. Complete this proverb: Facts are ..............
239. Who portrayed Melanie Wilks in the film, Gone With The Wind?
240. Name the Australian artist who painted "The Rabbiters"

241. In the famous 'White Horse' FA Cup final of 1923, what was the name of the White Horse?
242. Which is the largest of the Trucial states?
243. Whose last words were 'The rest is silence'?
244. What was double-headed for Russia & Austria, but single-headed for Germany?
245. In the famous April Fools Day joke, where did Richard Dimbleby say that spaghetti was being grown on trees?
246. Which Florentine woman was mother to 3 kings of France, and wife to another?
247. Who designed Queen Elizabeth II's wedding dress?
248. For what crime is Vincent Perrugia best remembered?
249. Who was the 3rd man on the moon?
250. In which sport are Bonspiel and Crampit common terms?
1.Mr Checkhov!
2. It's always the second Sunday in May
.3. Mr Gorbachov 
4. The Burma Railway.
5. The Sahara 6. John O'Grady
7. Omega
8. Scott Joplin 
9. Lotuses
.10. Telemachus 
11. Sir Lancelot 
12. Nelson's Colums
13. The Female Eunuch 
14. Sanskrit 
15. Charlie Chaplin 
16. Doric, Ionic and Coninthian 
17. Lara 
18. Richard Cromwell 
19. The Flying Dutchman 20. Political: he was British PM 1828-30 
21. 'Onward Christian Soldiers' 
22. 'Pinch-nose' 
23. Arc De Triomphe
24. Marionettes 
25. Quinine 
26. War Of The Roses
27. Dead Sea 
28. Telescope 
29. Dr Doolittle 30. Frank Ifield 
31. City To Surf race 
32. Mauritius 
33. Both Romeo and Juliet 
34. Robin Hood and Little John 
35. Great White Shark Enterprises 
36. There is none! 
37. John Lennon 
38. Donald Horne 
39. Thirteen people at the Last Supper 
40. One pound
41. Scrooge McDuck 
42. Triple jump 43. Australia 
44. Wattle blossom
45. Shaddap You Face
46. Allah 
47. (James) Van Allen Belts 
48. It is Walter Lindrum's world-record break
49. Chief Joseph 
50. The Pub With No Beer 
51. Rocky Mattioil,WBC Junior Middleweight 
52. Wind musical instrument 
53. Chicago 
54. Noah 
55. President of the United States Senate 
56. Larry Holmes in 1980 
57. New South Wales
58. July 4th 
59. Gregory Peck
60. Italian 
61. Michelangelo
62. Brisbane 
63. The stomach 
64. Sixty 
65. Cauliflower Ear 
66. William Wordsworth
67. The 6th., 1951 
68. Svetlana
69. Dr Christian Barnard
70. Russia 
71. The Carparthia 
72. Charleston, South Carolina 
73. Anita Loos 
74. Francis Gary Powers 
75. Rome 
76. 1985 
77. Egbert of Wessex 
78. A horse 
79. Oscar Wilde
80. It is a hunting dog
81. The Northern Territory 
82. A sheep
83. Governor Arthur Philip
84. Hematite
85. Genetics 
86. Parramatta
87. Fallow
88. St Nicholas
89. Milton Obote
90. The cubit 
91. From Russia With Love 
92. The USA and Rhodesia 
93. Arabic
94. Antarctica 
95. No, Polar bears live in the Arctic, while Penguins inhabit the Antarctic and other southern areas
96. Mexico
97. The eardrum 
98. Fleet Street
99. The Time Machine
100. Melbourne
101. The Sorbonne 
102. Sapphire 
103. Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas, USA. 
104. Revelation 
105. GoneWith The Wind
106. April, May and June 
107. The Southern Cross 
108. Tania Verstak 
109. The Taj Mahal 
110. Filigree
111. Odin 
112. HMS Hood 
113. Apiarist 
114. Great Expectations 
115. HMS Ark Royal 
116. 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New 
117. 40 degrees 
118. Clementine 
119. sacrilege
120. Marcus Junius Brutus 
121. Manhatton Project 
122. Texas Rangers 
123. Golgotha 
124. Zero 
125. Twenty-one 
126. The largest department-store 
127. Greenland 
128. Paul Strzlecki
129. Men 
130. The Fisherman's Ring 
131. Salt 
132. The trolls of Denmark 
133. Burd Ellen 
134. Russia's Baba Yaga
135. Mr Miacca 
136. The Laidly Worm 
137. Fair Janet 
138. Grendel 
139. Beowulf 
140. The Apples Of Youth which kept the Aesir young 
141. Enovid 
142. The Pentaleuch 
143. 1941
144. Mongolia 
145. One calorie 
146. Pan Am 
147. 23 
148. Linoleum 
149. Arizona
150. Four 
151. Pennsylvania 
152. Quorum 
153. Intel 154. Saturn 
155. John,(6)
156. 1920.
157. Boats 
158. 89 
159. The Mamas and The Papas 
160. The Star Of David 
161. Disneyland
162. Imelda
163. Potassium 
164. January 26th 
165. Agatha Christie 
166. 17 
167. Five
168. Ben Kingsley
169. How Does Your Garden Grow?
170. England 
171. William Mckinley 
172. ...Two Women 
173. Frank Hornby 
174. The Philistines 
175. Mark 
176. ...The means 
177. Mark Twain 
178. John Lennon 
179. Valentina Tereshkova 
180. Noone. Lee Harvey Oswald was suspected but murdered before any conviction was recorded 
181. Germany
182. Austria 
183. Pluto 
184. 247 years,
255 days 
185. Mt Cook
186. L
187. Barbara Streisand
188. Carnation Revolution
189. Eyeclip 
190. Dog 
191. India 192. Plume 
193. Radium 
194. Quiff 
195. 1000 
196. Picasso
197. Colonel Harlan Sanders
198. ABBA 
199. 1987 
200. The Danube.
201. He Stole The Mona Lisa
202. Catherine De Medici
203. Charles Conrad 
204. Norman Hartnell
205. Pin Pals
206. Deliverance
207. Muddy Waters 
208. Josef Jakobs 
209. The Princess Bride 
210. Californian Condor .
211. South Australia
212. Jerusalem 
213. Red 
214. F 
215. 50
216. 7 
217. Gestapo 
218. Guitar 
219. Doris Day
220. Semi-colon.
221. Spain 
222. Cordelia 
223. Perth 
224. Joseph Priestly 
225. Nevil Shute
226. 248 
227. The core 
228. U 
229. Carbon Dioxide
230. Polio 
231. John Barrymore 
232. Noni Hazlehurst
233. Billy Connolly 
234. Wolf in his belly
235. John Ronald Reuel 
236. Fred Savage
237. Neil Diamond 
238. Stubborn things 
239. Olivia De Havilland 
240. Sir Russell Drysdale
241. Billy 
242. Abu-Dhabi 
243. Hamlet s 
244. Imperial Eagle 
245. Southern Switzerland 
246. Catherine De Medici 
247. Norman Hartnell 
248. He Stole The Mona Lisa
249. Charles Conrad 
250. Curling


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